Fun night’s serious side

Fun night’s serious side

Marsupial and fundraiser coordinator Dallas Bird with Ava the kangaroo joey. Photograph — Aaron Van Rongen.

The Darling Range Wildlife Shelter in Martin is spicing up its annual fundraiser with a famous Perth and global performer hosting the event next month.

Last year the shelter raised $4000 in its annual bogan bingo event and this year the shelter’s marsupial and fundraising coordinator Dallas Bird wanted to try something new with a whacky wildlife quiz night.

The aim is to raise $30,000 to help cover the cost of feeding wildlife in rehabilitation for next year.

Global sensation Dean Misdale went viral in 2017 after his unexpected appearance on stage with British singer Adele and will be performing at the shelter’s annual fundraiser.

The quiz night will also have prizes, raffles, a photo booth, competitions and a silent auction.

Ms Bird said the shelter recorded more than 1000 wildlife admissions including threatened, endangered migratory species.

“We are reliant on fundraising and donations to keep the shelter running so our annual events are extremely important to us,” she said.

Food was an essential and ongoing cost for the shelter.

Milk formula for young orphaned animals including bandicoots, kangaroo joeys and possums and other products for echidna diets, prey and insect food for owls and other species was vital.

About 180 people are expected to attend the fundraiser which will be held on August 10 from 7pm. Contact the shelter for more information