Foundation’s ‘Kiddy Canter’ campaign a success

Foundation’s ‘Kiddy Canter’ campaign a success

Yarralinka Primary School students Hazel Mathew and Ishaaq Joomratee, with school principal Chris Burgess. Photograph - Richard Polden.

Southern River’s Barry and Amanda Young have celebrated the continued success of the Amanda Young Foundation’s Kiddy Canter Health Program.

In 2021, the foundation has reached out to 650 child care centres, early learning centres, kindergartens, and pre-primary classes.

Two new schools in the region, Yarralinka Primary School and Southern Grove PS, recently signed up for the program.

Each participating child/student is given their own health message pack/toolkit to take home.

The packs contain a number of items, including a children’s book – Doctor Maxine Visits Happy Town, created by AYF education manager Deanna Howell.

The packs were designed to teach children and parents about the importance of vaccines and basic hygiene practices.

The program encourages kids to engage in health practices as often as possible, in order to help lower the risk of infectious diseases.

“The program emphasises three important things – wash your hands at every opportunity, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze, and don’t share food or drinks with others,” Mr Young said.

“The packs were created to get a serious message across to people, in a non-threatening way.”

Once again, the program has received support from Telethon7 Perth and the wider community.

Mr and Mrs Young are encouraging all local schools, child care centres etc. to take an interest in the program.

Mr Young said they and the foundation were committed to protecting everyone from the dangers of infectious diseases.

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