Film can’t hustle up enough interest

Film can’t hustle up enough interest

Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson star as female scam artists in The Hustle.

The Devil Wears Prada, Les Miserables, Pitch Perfect, Brokeback Mountain and Bridesmaids. 

These are a few films that Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson have absolutely excelled in. 

The newest comedy at the flicks, The Hustle, in my opinion, will never be named amongst the above calibre of hits. 

Josephine Chesterfield (Anne Hathaway) and Penny Rust (Rebel Wilson) cross paths in a bizarre set of circumstances. 

This eventually leads to them working together as female scam artists. 

However, their alliance soon disintegrates as the pair each play to their scamming strengths and go head-to-head to thieve $500,000 from a seemingly young, naïve app-creator Thomas Westerburg (Alex Sharp). 

The rollercoaster plot takes viewers on a topsy-turvy journey filled with some laugh-out-loud moments but also some brain numbing scenes that make you question why they were even included in the final edit. 

Rating: 2.5 stars 

Rated: PG-13 

Distributor: Universal Pictures 

Release date: May 9 

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