Experience global arts

Experience global arts

Faeri Cara from Eco Faeries. Photograph - Richard Polden.

After multiple nights filled with music, performances and celebrating under the stars the Canning Live at the Amphitheatre series will conclude next weekend but not without hosting one last round of entertainment.

The third and last event will be a global arts concert which will showcase what the area of Canning is all about.

Little Craf House representative Nicole Macey with Faerie Eva and Faerie Cara. Photograph – Richard Polden.

People from all across the world will be gathering to celebrate how diverse and vibrant the community is through a range of different music performances and genres.

Highlights of the event will include headliner and former Canning Vale resident Grace Barbe who hails from the sunburn Indian Ocean Island of the Seychelles.

Her music will take the community on a tour of slavery, pirates, coups d’etat and coconuts that produce a unique Kreol rhythm, language and culture.

Ms Barbe’s music plays on a diverse number of music genres including psychedelic rock, afrobeat, reggae and pop.

The Live at the Amphitheatre series free event will be held from 4pm to 8pm at the Civic Amphitheatre in Cannington this Saturday.