Drones the new eyes for police in the air

Drones the new eyes for police in the air

WA Police will increase drone and piloting training.

West Australian Police will have more mobile eyes in the sky to boost frontline operations and, although ownership, training and piloting sits with the Police Air Wing, the Canning Vale Police are excited about the prospect.

Police Minister Michelle Roberts confirmed last week WA Police would add up to 35 additional drones to its Air Wing fleet and train up to 60 pilots over the next two years.

The drones will be used to support a wide range of police operations including search and rescue operations, forensically mapping crime scenes and other police tactical operations.

The technology will be fitted with high definition video recording cameras, thermal imaging technology, flood lights and speakers.

The specialist drones will be capable of flying in both day and night time operations.

It’s anticipated that a drone will be available for use in every police district across the state.

Canning Vale Senior Sergeant Quentin Flatman said drones have been used with significant benefit by law enforcement agencies across the globe.

“Due to their mobility and versatility they can cover areas more effectively and expediently than police officers covering areas by foot or motor vehicle when undertaking searches in bushland for lost or missing persons,” he said.

Mr Flatman said drones are useful in assisting partner combat agencies such as St John’s Ambulance and Department of Fire and Emergency Services in managing emergencies and deploying resources.

“They also provide significant assistance in crime scene analysis or examination of traffic crashes by providing a birds eye view for the investigator,” he said.

“Also during large gatherings within the Armadale Police District drones can assist in event management, providing real time information to the police incident controller, assisting in deploying on the ground police to incidents that require attention.

“Increasing our ability to be in the right place at the right time.”