Do you know who’s buried here?

Do you know who’s buried here?

Do you know who might be buried in unmarked graves at this Kelmscott cemetery?

A local cemetery conservation group are trying to unearth the identities of people buried in unmarked gravesites in Kelmscott.

The St. Mary in the Valley Anglican Church Kelmscott Cemetery Conservation Group wants to provide and promote the history of the graveyard as a community tourist destination.

The group says while much of the history is well-documented, there is still a lot more digging to be done. There are two types of unmarked gravesites:

  • Gravesites with unknown people buried in them. (Found by a ground penetrating radar survey in 2020)
  • Gravesites with known people buried in them (name and date of death only) with no headstone or plaque.

Anyone who knows of relatives buried within the graveyard, especially in the unmarked gravesites at St. Mary in the Valley Anglican Church, is being asked to come forward with any information or photographs they may have.

Please contact Patricia on 0488 151 889 or email