Disruptive tenant could be out within weeks

Disruptive tenant could be out within weeks

The Housing Authority is taking steps to act on the tenant of this allegedly disruptive Seville Grove home.

The disruptive tenant of a Housing Authority home in Seville Grove could be out within weeks.

That is according to the Assistant Director General of Housing Greg Cash, who said the Department had taken action on the Riverside Lane home.

Last week The Examiner ran a story on the home, which one resident said had been trashed and its tenants involved in hooning and a 2am car firebombing in the past three years.

The resident said nearby rentals struggled to keep tenants for longer than six months due to disturbances, and residents were unwilling to take a stand because formal complaints required open-court statements to be made.

They resident said they had held back from appearing in public over the matter because they feared retribution from tenant, believed to be a woman in her 40s.

While Mr Cash said HA was making progress, he conceded evicting a tenant from a home was not always easy.

“The department’s Disruptive Behaviour Management Strategy seeks to balance expectations on tenants with broader community expectations that government-subsidised housing should be appropriately used, well-managed and not negatively impact on the community,” he said.

“Upon issue of a third strike, the department commences appropriate action under the Residential Tenancies Act 1987.

“The decision to terminate a tenancy rests with the Magistrates Court [and] the department must demonstrate that the termination is justified under the Act, which requires witnesses to incidents of disruptive behaviour to appear in court.”

Mr Cash said even if a third strike was recorded, a magistrate could still hold back on terminating a tenancy depending on circumstance.

Mr Cash advised the Department could not deal with criminal activity and residents should instead contact WA Police in those instances.

The HA Disruptive Behaviour Reporting Line can be reached to report disruptive behaviour on 1300 597 076.

Reports can also be made online.