Decade long service rewarded

Decade long service rewarded

Cecil Andrews Police Rangers unit leader Ben Boekholt and instructor Robert Manderson were awarded for their long service to Cadets WA. Photograph - Toby Hussey.

An Armadale resident has been rewarded for his continued commitment in leading a Cadets WA program and earlier this month was presented an award by the Minister for Youth.

Ben Boekholt was given the Cadets WA Long Service Medal on August 18 for 10 years’ service with the Cecil Andrews Police Rangers.

He has been instrumental in keeping the Police Rangers in the area by helping them move to Cecil Andrews Senior High School after they were left without a base when PCYC left Armadale Arena in 2015.

Mr Boekholt said he wanted to thank parents and other instructors for helping with the organisation during the past decade.

“Thank you very much for all the support you guys have given, I really appreciate it,” he said.

Police Ranger instructor Robert Manderson also received a 10-year recognition award on the day and Minister for Youth Peter Tinley said the pair had provided an invaluable service to Armadale’s young people.

“People who do this sort of work don’t do it for recognition,” he said.

“We’ve seen the results we get from this program in youth diversion from potentially harmful practices.

“Involvement in the Cadets WA program offers young people a wide range of benefits including physical fitness, self-confidence, teamwork and decision-making abilities and leadership skills.”

Mr Tinley said the selfless commitment of the pair had been shown through the fact they had let a previous award pass them by.

“They were entitled to a six-year service award but didn’t even know it,” he said.

There are more than 9000 cadets in 200 units across Western Australia.

Cadets take part in a range of activities including adventure training, camping, hiking, sports and conservation.