Dean’s medical mission

Dean’s medical mission

Dean Morris, founder of GOSAC, with volunteers Megan and Matt at Darling Range Wildlife Shelter.

Wildlife shelters looking after animals affected by the fires are getting much-needed donations thanks to 17-year-old Dean Morris. 

Give Our Strays A Chance (GOSAC) was founded by Dean seven years ago, who’s passion for wildlife and animal care made the project successful. 

Working with the public, businesses and organisations Dean collects donations and delivers them where they are needed most. 

Last week’s bushfires in Wooroloo saw hundreds of wildlife species displaced from their homes and lose habitats. 

During last year’s bushfires, Dean realised wildlife shelters needed help to treat the burnt animals. 

“It was hard seeing the pictures of all the injured animals and knowing there are people out there, collecting them, treating them and trying to save their lives,” he said. 

“I wanted to help, so throughout the year, I have been collecting medical supplies for the fire season this year.”

Dean managed to provide Darling Range Wildlife Shelter with much needed supplies after many shelters were evacuated due to the Wooroloo fires. 

“Darling Range Wildlife Shelter was happy to receive donations and gave me a list of essential items, they also work with all the rest of the shelters and share the supplies with other wildlife rescues who need them,” Dean said. 

“So many people donated, that within an hour I had hundreds of dollars.  I stopped on the way at Pharmacy 777 in Langford to buy more supplies. 

“Not only did they give me a discount so the money went a long way, they also donated their own supplies.”

Supplies needed include bandages, syringes, burn creams, vitamin E oil, nilstat oral drops, chlorosig eye drops, gauze or financial donations so Dean can collect specific supplies from pharmacies. 

Shelters are often volunteering based and can be overwhelmed with the amount of animals. 

Dean has a crate at Coles Forest Lakes Shopping centre where donations can be dropped off. Jesson Flowers Canning Vale and South Street Pet supplies in O’connor are also drop off points for GOSAC to collect.
Dean also has a GoFundMe page for financial donations at