Cleaners have their special day

Cleaners have their special day

Cod’s Cleaning staff member Sonny Lister and other cleaners in the local area were thanked for their service on June 15 as part of International Cleaner’s Day.

In light of the health crisis, the vital importance of cleaners has never been more apparent.

International Cleaner’s Day was held on June 15 and local MPs took the time to thank cleaners in their local area.

Member for Thornlie Chris Tallentire urged the community to show appreciation and thank cleaners while also giving a special mention to Sonny Lister who has committed himself to cleaning the electorate office and other suites in the local community.

“When there is a recession, or now with Covid-19, cleaners are so busy as everyone wants their places clean,” he said.

“We continue to do our work and follow hygiene measures in spite of anything.

“I’ve seen a lot of greetings and people who appreciate our work and it makes me happy.”

Mr Tallentire thanked Mr Lister who has been working at his office for three years.

“Sonny is a great person who does a fantastic job in cleaning my electorate office,” he said.

“We can’t thank him enough for his work.

“Things have been tough for our community this year with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the work of cleaners has enabled us to feel safe and helped us greatly in returning to a sense of normality.”

But it is not only workplaces where cleaners have done the hard yards, they also make sure schools, shopping centres and community spaces are clean and safe.

Member for Southern River Terry Healy thanked all cleaning staff working at local schools, giving a special mention to his old school Southern River College.

”They have helped keep us safe through Covid-19 and have been doing it for years,” he said.