Brooklyn goes the extra mile

Brooklyn goes the extra mile

Brooklyn Visser with Byford Volunteer Fire Brigade cadet leader Aaron Little.

Byford Volunteer Fire Brigade cadet Brooklyn Visser won the Cadet Award at the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’s Emergency Services Volunteer Awards Evening in June for going the extra mile in her program.

Brooklyn joined the cadets because her father Dean Visser is a Volunteer Fire Fighter and she wanted to know what he would do.

“I really enjoy it, rolling out hoses is pretty fun,” she said.

“You have to hold it with your hand, then roll it out and sometimes we have competitions to see who rolls it out the fastest.”

The cadets in Byford attend training nights once a week on a Wednesday and the program is open for girls and boys aged 11 to 15.

“Most of the time when we get there we change into our overalls and when everybody is ready we get in the truck or walk to a nearby school,” Brooklyn said.

“When we get there, we practise rolling out hoses and doing the drills they would ordinarily do during a fire.

“Then we work our way up to conducting a burn at the end of the year.”

“I definitely feel like it gives me a good understanding of what a firefighter would do.”

Brooklyn was surprised to receive the Cadet Award from the shire.
“I was really shocked (receiving the award) because my dad hadn’t actually told me,” she said.

“He just said we were going to go to a dinner so it was a bit of a surprise.”