Top nomination boosts club

Top nomination boosts club

Vice President Rob Gibbons bowls as President of Gosnells Bowling Club Peter Charkiewicz looks on. Photograph - Aaron Van Rongen.

Gosnell’s Bowling Club members have a spring in their step after being nominated as the Bowls Australia Club of the Year in August.

The club is now planning to transform the club into one of the most progressive clubs in the nation.

A lot of hard work on the green at Gosnells Bowling Club not only resulted in a worthy nomination for the Bowls Australia Club of the Year award but has opened the doors for a younger generation to the sport of lawn bowls.

Although the club did not win the coveted title, they have been bowled over by the nomination and ready to take the club to the next step.

President of the Gosnells Bowling Club, Peter Charkiewicz said it was absolutely terrific for the club to be nominated.

“It’s wonderful that our hard work has been appreciated and acknowledged with the nomination,” Mr Charkiewicz said.

“Now Gosnells Bowling Club is ready for the next stage.

“The club has plans to change the perception that the sport of lawn bowls is for seniors only.”

Mr Charkiewicz said there are many young people who excel at the sport and the club is offering opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy it.

“The perception is that it is an old people’s sport,” he said.

“Yet, young people excel at it and at the club we want to involve the community and break down that age barrier.

“You can have a teenager playing the sport with an older person as well.”

Mr Charkiewicz said that the club also wants to invite people from different ethnicities to enjoy the sport as well as athletes who have neared the end of their career as a sportsperson.

“It is for everyone,” he said.

Mr Charkiewicz works closely with the vice president of the club Rob Gibbons.

Mr Gibbons was awarded the Volunteer of the Year 2016 Bowls WA Award.

Mr Gibbons shares the same vision as the president of the club and plans to introduce the sport to a younger generation.

“We held a six week long series early this year with year 12 students from Southern River College,” Mr Gibbons said.

“At first they didn’t want to play with the oldies but by the end of it they were having a great time.”

The program the club introduced was called ‘Jack Attack’ and Mr Gibbons said it was relaxed, social and friendly.

“Anyone can play it,” he said.

“You have music in the background, people of all ages having a good time, it’s great.

“The sport helps build life long friendships.”

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