Beeliar backers cough up

Beeliar backers cough up

The video has had 894 views to date.

Endorsements are coming thick and fast for candidates in the City of Canning’s Beeliar by-election, with Mayor Patrick Hall defending his decision to make a sponsored video endorsing his preferred candidate.

The video, paid for by Patrick Vincent Hall, has the Mayor endorsing Shen Sekhon, and as a sponsored post it has a far greater reach on Facebook than your typical post.

Ms Sekhon has also been backed in publicly by Deputy Mayor Ben Kunze and councillors Amanda Spencer-Teo and Paul Tucek.

No other councillor has publicly endorsed a candidate, however former councillor Lindsay Holland has publicly supported Shouv Sarker and former councillor Yaso Ponnuthurai has publicly backed Raveesh John.

Mr Hall defended his decision to publicly back in Ms Sekhon with a public, paid post, saying it did not disadvantage other candidates.

“The endorsement by any elected member at any level of government is completely acceptable,” he said.

“It’s not unusual for members of State Parliament to actually endorse members of councils and they are far more powerful people than mayors or councillors.

“There’s nothing inappropriate with any elected member endorsing any candidate.”

“I see it as entirely appropriate.

“It is up to voters to decide where they cast their vote.”

Mr Hall added that he would have no problem working with a candidate such as Mr Sarker – who has been extremely critical of the city at times – despite his endorsement of Ms Sekhon.

“We work with everybody, I’ve gone out of my way to meet with a number of candidates, I’ve met with them privately, I’ve spoken to Shouv on the phone, I’ve supported them in different ways.

“I will work with anyone the community chooses to elect to council.

“I just hope the people we have on our council are people who are positive, people who are genuine and focused on the community.”

The election will be held on December 9.