Balancing beams, forts and sand pits, all in the name of play

Balancing beams, forts and sand pits, all in the name of play

Pioneer Village Primary students Natalie, Caitlin, Thomas and Peem with principal Louise Lont. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

Students at Pioneer Village Primary returned to school after the two-week holidays to a brand new creative play space which will be enjoyed for decades to come. 

The school’s new nature playground officially opened last week with smiles all-round as students of all ages climbed, ducked, weaved and explored the new space. 

Principal Louise Lont said the project was a mighty effort from the whole school community. 

“We live in a fast paced, hectic, technologically advanced world so it is vitally important that we provide our children with the opportunity to also connect to nature,” she said. 

“It is a very tranquil space that will maximise opportunity for creative and imaginative nature play. 

“The natural, irregular and challenging areas allow the opportunity to climb, balance, heft, scale, build and negotiate risk. 

“It is multi-sensory and includes elements such as a mud kitchen, an instrumental area, balancing beams, loose parts play, sand pits, hide-outs, forts, as well as an outdoor classroom.” 

The school community raised $30,000 to help get the project off the ground and extensive earthworks were required to see the new space come to fruition. 

Ms Lont said the project was managed by a community member who donated his time and the majority of construction was completed by parents. 

“We, as a whole school community, are ever so grateful to all involved as without them we could not have completed such a massive project on budget,” she said. 

“I am looking forward to the area being enjoyed for many generations to come.”