Your hug is in the mail

Your hug is in the mail

Paige, 7, and Douglas Morgan, 9, outside their Free Little Library in Byford.

The latest social-isolation measures are no match for the Morgan family, who have begun a ‘Mail-A-Hug’ service at their free at-home library stand.

Inspired by their aunt from Gingin, the Morgan family established its very own Little Free Library in 2016 as a way of giving back to the community of Byford. 

Ramone Glasgow, who co-founded the library with her children Paige and Douglas Morgan, said she believed it was the perfect way to connect with fellow residents and share the family’s love of reading. 

“We’re in a prime location here and I just thought, why not?” she said. 

“It’s a way to give back to the community and those that cannot travel to the library in Mundijong. 

“There are families in the area that stop by to grab a book about once a week.” 

Now, almost four years on, co-founders Paige and Douglas have added a new service – allowing those self-isolating everywhere to send a colourful, paper hug to those they love. 

With several of their extended family members living as far as 450 kilometres away, the Morgan children decided to share the love in the safest way they knew how. 

“My step-father lives in Geraldton and my mum has just been put in a home,” Ms Glasgow said. 

“I thought of him straight away when I saw the ‘Mail-A-Hug’ initiative. 

“I thought it would be the perfect thing for the kids to send and we’re mailing them all off to family members today.

“The kids have coloured them in and addressed them to Nan and Poppy. 

“It’s just a nice little gesture.” 

The hugs, which come in all shapes and sizes, are available now. 

Both Paige and Douglas encouraged the community to pick up a Mail-A-Hug and grab a book, believing that everyone should read more. 

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