Want to leave your mark on the Byford Rail Extension?

Want to leave your mark on the Byford Rail Extension?

The Larsen Rd overpass is one of the sites that will receive public artwork.

Local artists are being asked to put up their hands for three separate large-scale public artworks along the eight-kilometre stretch of the Byford Rail Extension.

Community engagement surveys indicated the majority of people in Armadale agree that public art is important, and they’d like to see themes like native flora and fauna, Aboriginal culture, local identity and community explored in new local pieces.

Murals, lighting installations and simple patterned painted components will form the basis of the artwork along the length and underside of the elevated viaduct and station building at Armadale, a space that covers a considerable distance.

The pedestrian underpass at Seventh Road which will be used by many Armadale High School students is another site identified for public art.

The pink and blue sections are the features of the Seventh Rd underpass most suited for a public art installation.

The work aims to be a distinct reflection of the Armadale Senior High School community while also connecting to the artworks in the station.

An external facing retaining wall on both sides as well as concrete columns on the north side of the pathway present opportunities for painted artworks. The pedestrian path, flanked by landscaped areas, is an opportunity for artworks to be applied on the ground plane.

Likewise, the eastern and western entrances to the proposed Larsen Rd pedestrian crossing bridge are another site identified for public artwork.

It is envisioned this would be a community engagement project with a local school group, with the artist working with Marri Grove Primary School to develop a design specific to the area. This artwork opportunity encompasses the potential for artwork in the form of a mural/paint treatment on the retaining walls and/or ground plane treatment in the concrete at the entrances of the Pedestrian Bridge.

The submission deadline for the Seventh Rd and Larsen Rd pedestrian access artworks is January 30. While the viaduct submission deadline is February 1.

More information is available at https://apparatus.net.au/opportunities