‘The only time you need to beat is your own’

‘The only time you need to beat is your own’

Riverton Swimming Club member Isabella Greenslade-Trewick.

The Riverton Swimming Club is calling all the rookies to join them in a fun competition.

They have been invited to come and swim at the Riverton Swimming Club on Saturday as part of the Riverton Aquantus Splash and Dash Carnival.

Participants aged seven to 11-years-old can enter up to four events and dive into competitive swimming with the club ’s 52 active members.

Club president Tracey Ferguson said the aim of the event is to encourage new members and show the tiers of membership available.

“We want to showcase that swimming is fun and the only time you need to beat is your own,” she said.

“No matter your skill level you can swim, learn and have fun.”

Ms Ferguson said there are going to be appearances from Olympic swimmers, including a race between the club’s head coach and para Olympian Josh Hofer.

Both 25 metres and 50 metres events in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke and 25 metres in butterfly will be available.

Swimmers do not need to be Swimming WA members For more information email rascmeetmanager@gmail. com.