The battle of the steak sanga

The battle of the steak sanga

Last Local owner and chef Mickey Phull and wait staff Noorisah Bingham.

The steak sandwich is a dining staple, and later this month a Canning Vale pub will go head-to-head with three other venues determine who’s cuisine reigns supreme.

Canning Vale’s Last Local was named as finalists in the WA’s Best Steak Sandwich competition, sponsored by the Australian Hoteliers Association, on Wednesday, along with Como’s Karalee on Preston, Byford’s Byford Tavern and Roleystone’s Seven Sins.

The four beat out 60 other venues to make the finals of the competition, with the winner set to be determined by a cook-off at Crown Casino on Tuesday June 28 and Wednesday June 29.

Last Local owner and chef Mickey Phull is no stranger to the competition, having taken home the win in 2013, 2017 and 2019.

He said the key was to do something that elevates the humble steak sandwich to a whole new level.

Hence his new creation, the French Dip Steak Sandwich based on an American classic with a French twist.

“I was in Chicago once and it was inspired by a Chicago dip sandwich I found at a little deli, I’d never seen anything like it,” he said.

“That was just braised beef, onions and cheese in a baguette, dipped into the braising liquid of the beef and it was incredible, better than your usual tomato, lettuce and cucumber standard.

“The problem is it wasn’t commercially viable, it’s a two-day process but this year I just had to do it, so we rearranged the kitchen and went for it.

“It’s an authentic French onion soup, and the sandwich itself has horseradish for heat, sour cream for creaminess, some beautifully tender braised beef cut into steaks and a French-inspired slaw and when you dip it into the soup, it just takes it to another level.

“People love it, and I had to do something new for this year’s competition because the standard stuff has been done, this is something new, it’s an experience.

“I’ve got high hopes.”