Tank’s vibrant transformation

Tank’s vibrant transformation

Indigenous Yorga artist Connie Clinch in front of her latest creation in Byford.

A water tank in Byford has been given a colourful makeover by Indigenous Yorga artist Connie Clinch.

The water tank was transformed into a vibrant painting after Ms Clinch was commissioned to paint a creation inspired by Indigenous stories in the area.

“I was given two options of stories to follow and I chose the rainbow honey bee-eater,” Ms Clinch explained.

“I chose it because it’s such a beautiful bird and as soon as I saw it, I already knew what story I was going to go with. The colours of the bird inspired me straight away.”

Cedar Woods commissioned the piece from Ms Clinch through a project she did for an Aboriginal doctors surgery in Armadale a year and a half ago.

The new artwork is located at the Ridge Adventure Park located in the Byford on the Scarp community.

Ms Clinch said her work is a more modern and contemporary form of Indigenous art.

“I use a lot more of the symbols through my work and more line work,” she said.

“My artwork is very vibrant, that’s what I’m most known for is my bright colours which I’ve always used for my artwork.”

Choosing the bird for the artwork was an instant decision, with the colours inspiring connection.

“I just felt that that bird and the Byford habitat just connected.”

It was important for Ms Clinch to acknowledge the history of the area, using her art to educate the community.

“I felt this was a great opportunity to draw on our culture and showcase the rich history of our community in a bright and colourful way,” she said.

“Being a Mum myself, I’m all about getting my kids involved in the community and educated on our country’s background.”