‘Someone is going to get hit head on’

‘Someone is going to get hit head on’

Byford resident Ian Smith feels the road signage is confusing for drivers. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

One Byford resident feared there would be a serious accident sooner rather than later at a busy intersection along Thomas Road should the signage not be fixed.

Ian Smith was concerned that the white arrow, which appears at the Thomas Road and Plaistowe Boulevard intersection, points to the exit lane and wasn’t directing drivers to the correct lane.

“I have seen broken glass at that intersection numerous times… one of these days someone is going to get hit head on,” he said.

Mr Smith said he had contacted the shire on three occasions and had written to Main Roads however nothing had been done to fix the arrow signage.

A Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale spokesperson said Main Roads WA was responsible for the road markings and signage on all Western Australian roads.

“We take concerns of this nature very seriously and have been proactive requesting Main Roads to review the intersection,” they said.

“Upon review and at the shire’s request, Main Roads made some modifications to better direct drivers turning right onto Plaistowe Boulevard. This included extending line markings and the installation of a ‘Keep Left’ sign.”

Main Roads WA spokesman Dean Roberts said the agency received one complaint about the intersection and modifications were completed in August 2017.

Mr Roberts said the agency modified the signs and line marking to improve legibility and safety and since the completion of these works it had received no further complaints regarding this intersection.