SJ Ratepayers Association head victorious in by-election

SJ Ratepayers Association head victorious in by-election

Courtney Mazzini was sworn in as councillor on Monday.

Courtney Mazzini has emerged victorious in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’s North Ward by-election at the weekend.

Ms Mazzini secured over 40 percent of the votes in the three-way race, in front of Fiona Lowe with nearly 33 percent, and former councillor Dean Strautins with 26 percent.

Ms Mazzini campaigned on a platform of increasing value for money in the delivery of shire projects and services. She is the president of the SJ Ratepayers and Residents Association, and a committee member of Activate Byford.

“I am so excited to bring a fresh perspective to the SJ Shire, and collaborate and consult with the community on initiatives that really matter to everyday people,” she said.

“As a busy working mum myself, I have always held the belief that council should not be reserved for retirees or those with flexible schedules; council should be a reflection of the diversity of everyday people in our community.

“I hope to be a voice for those with young families and drive change in the youth and community engagement spaces.

“I look forward to working alongside the council and shire to achieve great things for a thriving and growing district.”

Saturday’s by-election marked the return to postal votes after a disastrous turn-out at last October’s in-person election. Twenty percent of eligible voters returned ballots this time compared with October’s 14 percent turnout.