School’s exciting new era

School’s exciting new era

Thronlie Christian College deputy principal Mike Kingsford, principal Bill Innes, year 12 head boy Lachlan Wallis and year 12 head girl Lily Smith. Photograph — Aaron Van Rongen.

To mark their 35th anniversary this year, Thornlie Christian College initiated an exciting new era for the school announcing that a new college name will be in place from 2020.

From next year it will be known as Providence Christian College and principal Bill Innes said it came about because the college has grown from a small, rural school operating on someone else’s property to a substantial and spacious campus, so the change added to that transition.

“A name change after 35 years is very exciting but we do recognise that our past students have identified with, learned, played, built relationships and transitioned into adulthood under the name Thornlie Christian College,” he said.

“Our commitment to every single one of our past students is that we will not allow our heritage of 35 years to be lost, diminished or disregarded.

“Providence Christian College will rise on the shoulders of past and current students of Thornlie Christian College.”

Mr Innes said the college will not be changing the uniform and branding as they saw no need to change it in any significant way.

“For current and past students there will be little visual change and the cost to parents will be minimal,” he said.

“Most of the feedback we have received has been very positive but we understand that for some people a change like this requires some time to process.

“We are confident that our new name will establish itself firmly in the hearts and minds of our community.”