Residents raise road rage, crash and noise pollution fears over new childcare...

Residents raise road rage, crash and noise pollution fears over new childcare centre

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A childcare centre planned for Parkwood is being contested by residents with more than 100 objections and a petition, including fears of “noise pollution” from “screaming children”.

The row highlights the challenges of building amenities in residential areas, with many locals claiming the $2.1 million project will disrupt their serenity.

Residents have raised fears the centre will bring road rage, car crashes, noise pollution and odour issues to their neighbourhood, potentially devaluing their properties.

The Lionheart Development Fund has applied to demolish three houses on Manus Place and build a 673sqm childcare centre for 94 children and 17 staff, and with 26 car bays.

It is asking the council to use its discretion to allow the childcare centre in the residential area.

Noise was a key complaint among the 106 objections, which include a separate online petition signed by 80 people.

The most serious concerns were about the impact on traffic and road safety.

Resident Marcus Trezdziack said there were safety and congestion issues at the nearby Willeri Drive and Hossack Avenue intersection already.

The complaints claim the extra cars will cause parking chaos, with idling engines to undermine air quality and the extra traffic to create a dangerous crash hotspot.

Mr  Trezdziack said it would turn into a busy street where children couldn’t play or ride their bikes.

Canning Council has supported the development, claiming any issues could be managed through conditions.

The council’s Responsible Authority Report said conditions including masonry fences — rather than Colorbond — would help noise levels to stay within regulated standards.