Parking to hit residents

Parking to hit residents


Cannington resident, and former councillor, George Beacroft said he strongly objects to the council’s plan to allow developers to make payments in lieu of parking in the city’s centre zones.

Last month the council voted to put the proposal out for public comment.

On Tuesday night Mr Beacroft told the council meeting the proposal would make the city’s parking problems worse.

He questioned whether the city had the land to provide parking or whether it would have to buy it at residents’ expense.

“Close to my residence, units have been built with .7 of a parking bay for each unit,” he said.

“Which works out at about 19 bays.

“It is just lucky there is a vacant block adjacent which is often full of parked cars.

“Over the weekend there were 21 cars parked on that vacant block.

“What will happen when the vacant block is developed?

“Heaven only knows where these 21 cars are going to go to”

He said under previous conditions each unit had to have parking for residents and visitors.

“The new proposals only favour developers who once the units are sold will walk away and leave the problem to council,” he said.

The said the council had a responsibility to govern the city for the benefit of residents but this proposal would create problems.

“If approved under the new proposal there would be no alternative to permanent street parking,” he said.

Residents have until 5pm Wednesday September 5 to lodge their comments.

Further details are available on the city’s website under “planning proposals” at