Orange Bus services to remain…for now

Orange Bus services to remain…for now

Photograph - Richard Polden.

After some concerns about the future of the Orange Bus, Member for Darling Range Hugh Jones announced that the school bus services to Jarrahdale would remain as they are until the end of a parliamentary inquiry into the Student Transport Assistance Policy framework.

Members of the Jarrahdale community were calling for help in June when they realised they were at risk of losing their Orange Bus.

The Orange Bus transports kids from Jarrahdale directly down to their schools, and in early June letters from Transperth were sent to families who currently use the school bus.

The letters detailed a change in the transport system, where Transperth would start to include Jarrahdale within the boundary where the public transport system operates which would mean the orange bus services would cease.

After pleas from the public, State Parliament agreed to a parliamentary inquiry into the school bus issue.

However, there were some concerns that the results of the inquiry were not expected until August 2022, and the bus service was to change in January.

“Members of the community in Jarrahdale have raised this issue with me over the past months, and I’m very proud to have put a halt to the changes until the results of the inquiry can be considered,” Mr Jones said.

“I’d like to thank the Minister for Transport for hearing my advocacy on behalf of the Jarrahdale community and acting quickly to ensure the services to the area will be preserved until the end of the inquiry.

“I hope this announcement offers relief to the members of the Jarrahdale community who have raised this issue with me.”

Anyone that would like to make a submission to the inquiry, is encouraged to head to the Parliament WA website, and follow the links.