Opinion | Praise where praise is due on transport infrastructure progress

Opinion | Praise where praise is due on transport infrastructure progress


I’ve had my share of moments picking on the state and federal government’s decisions and actions. Yet today, I’m setting aside the critic’s pen to share a story of commendation and genuine surprise at the remarkable progress we’ve witnessed in our transport infrastructure.

When the announcement came that the Armadale line would be closed for 18 months, I, like many of you, braced for the worst.

An 18-month disruption sounded like a small eternity, and scepticism whispered it might stretch even longer.

However, to my astonishment, the developments have unfolded with such swiftness and efficiency that they’ve turned doubters into believers.

The skeleton of new infrastructure emerging day by day is a testament to meticulous planning and hard work.

The world, as promised, did not end; instead, it adapted and moved forward.

Similarly, the never-ending constructions on Tonkin and freeways initially seemed like a test of patience with their maze of diversions and delays.

Yet, as the dust settles and the roads open up, the vision of free-flowing traffic and world-class transport corridors comes to life, making the wait undeniably worthwhile.

Traveling through the country areas, the sight of continuous improvement is ever-present. Whether it’s repairs, enhancements, or entirely new projects, the landscape of our transport infrastructure is in constant evolution.

It’s easy for cynicism to take root in the face of such relentless change, yet the tangible results – the smoother roads, the extended rail networks, the bridges where there were none – speak volumes of the dedication and investment poured into our state’s veins.

To this, I tip my hat to the government and all the hands that have turned blueprints into concrete realities. Your efforts have not only enhanced our daily commutes but have significantly contributed to the fabric of our community.

Well done, and take a well-deserved bow. T

he fruits of your hard work are a testament to what can be achieved with vision, commitment, and cooperation.

In moments like these, we’re reminded of the power of positive change and the impact of forward-thinking governance.

Let’s continue to embrace and support the transformations that drive us toward a better, more connected future.

Glenn Dewhurst is a City of Gosnells councillor and local leader.