Navy man’s high hopes

Navy man’s high hopes

Hugh Jones in his Navy uniform ANZAC Day 2019 .

Last Sunday marked Hugh Jones’ final day in the navy as he transferred to inactive reserves.

After over 30 years of service, Mr Jones has decided to retire in pursuit of a new goal to run for the state election for the seat of Darling Range.

Mr Jones said he wants to connect with locals in hopes to bring their issues to light and take pressure off the Darling Range community.

“I want to be an approachable member of parliament so that people can come see me and bring the community together.

“It might be idealistic, but I think the people vote for a member of parliament that represents them without necessarily making it difficult.

“I believe in having an idea of what people want and then just getting on with the job and doing it without too much fanfare.”

Disability access in his local area is also a focus for Mr Jones if elected this year, an issue that’s close to his heart.

“My son has a disability, it’s not a physical disability but I appreciate that it’s important for everyone to access toilets, among other facilities.”

Youth unemployment is also one of Mr Jones’ main focal points in line with the McGowan governments proposals to create jobs using the Byford rail extension and infrastructure projects.

“I believe in taking people along with me when it comes to infrastructure projects, so I can explain the benefits to people.”

Mr Jones says he might have some preconceived ideas of what the people want and it’s important that he meet as many people as he can and not just community leaders.

“I’ve been doorknocking since late July and met a lot of people at their doors,” he said.

“They tell me what they want and it’s not necessarily about what the local government wants and what the state government wants.

“It’s what the community wants.”