Minchin-inspired art revealed

Minchin-inspired art revealed

Kelvin Rabey working on his mural.

A mural painted by a local artist and sculptor during the COVID-19 pandemic is finally finished, just in time for his house to be sold.

Local artist Kelvin Rabey created a mural titled ‘Apart Together’ which details small head-shapes with eyes in small holes in the wall.

“They are friends and family that are connected but because of the pandemic and lockdowns, they are all stuck in their little holes and they can’t see each other,” he said.

“The title relates to Tim Minchin’s album Apart Together.”
It took Mr Rabey around seven months, and a hundred and 14 hours of work to complete the mural, he had only just finished it before his home was sold.

“With the opening of the borders and everything else, I had to make it so the blocks were disappearing so we could return back to some sort of normality,” he said.

“It’s also down to the isolation, I am a veteran and you feel very isolated until you meet other people who are like you, and that was a bit of background towards it.”

With family all over the country including a son, his mum and sisters in the eastern states.

Mr Rabey has a Bachelor of Arts, originally a painter that now does more sculptures than anything else.

The community gave Mr Rabey positive feedback when he was painting the mural and when it was finished, creating a positive impact to the neighbourhood.

“The new owners of the house love it as well, so it looks like it’s going to have to stay,” he said.

The mural is on a wall in Champion Lakes and will hopefully remain there for some time as Mr Rabey takes his artistic talent to his new home in Collie.