Meet one of Armadale’s newest constables

Meet one of Armadale’s newest constables

Armadale Police probationary constable Tess Breman. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

A careers day stall displaying the banner ‘Do you want to join the West Australian Police Force’ caught Tess Breman’s eye when she was in year 10 and she has never looked back. 

Now stationed at Armadale Police as a probationary constable the 26-year-old enjoys every aspect of the role within the exciting world of policing. 

“When I left school my parents encouraged me to go to university to get some life experience first before I joined the force so I studied criminology and psychology at Murdoch University,” she said.

“Then I started working in the police force as a staff member working in community engagement and police media. 

“I eventually felt it was a good time to make the transition to becoming a police officer so I applied online.” 

For Miss Breman the process to becoming a police officer took about a year and a half – a six-month application process and then a year of tests and interviews including a integrity check, a vision examination, psychological evaluation and a final medical and physical sign off. 

Miss Breman’s posting at Armadale Police Station is her first placement straight out of the academy. 

“I like the diversity of the job and I like that no day, no shift is the same,” she said. 

“It is very busy, it is very dynamic and anything can happen. 

“Armadale is a very busy station which can be challenging at times but I see that as a positive thing because the busier you are the more productive you are.” 

She said as yet she had no particular aspirations to become a detective or join a specialised unit instead preferring the community engagement side of the job. 

Miss Breman was one of four probationary constables to join Armadale Police Station in February this year.