Local student’s proud legacy

Local student’s proud legacy

Training Awards Student of the Year finalist Jodie Wyatt. Photograph — Richard Polden.

Jodie Wyatt and Kim League, who live in the Cannington electorate, are the only two of 43 finalists nominated in the WA Training Awards.

The WA Training Awards nominated the state’s top apprentices, trainees and businesses across 13 categories.

Jodie Wyatt is a finalist in the WA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year in the WA Training Awards 2019.

The Lynwood resident started her journey while working for the Department of Education as a coordinator for Aboriginal Education and felt her qualification would both strengthen her confidence and give her the skills to become a better leader.

Having children at a very young age, Ms Wyatt is a Yued woman who is passionate about making sure children see the value in education.

“They are our future leaders and I also want to provide opportunities for Aboriginal women to be great leaders for their communities,” she said.

“I hope I do my ancestors and , everyone who fought for our right to be educated proud.”

She is also the director for an Aboriginal corporation, sits on a few boards, including a National Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group, and she is on a working group for an Aboriginal Women’s Leader- ship Institute.

“The thing I am most looking forward to if I were to win is sharing my passion for education with more people,” she said.

“I already share this with my students and families I work with so to be able to share and hopefully inspire more people, especially Aboriginal people, would be amazing.

Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery said the WA Training Awards are an opportunity to celebrate and honour the achievement of the many outstanding performers in the Vocational and Educational Training sector.

“Finalists are contributing positively to Western Australia’s future and these awards are a springboard for many finalists to continue to raise the profile of their chosen careers and build on their achievements.”

Member for Cannington Bill Johnston also congratulated both Jodie and Kim for their nomination and wished them the best at the award ceremony in September.