Call for councillors

Call for councillors


Becoming a councillor was the best thing former Armadale mayor and local government stalwart Linton Reynolds has ever done and now he’s encouraging others to put their hands up during next month’s council nominations.

Mr Reynolds was first elected to the City of Armadale council in May 1989 and spent more than 10 years as mayor before he retired in 2011.

He also spent two years as commissioner of the City of Canning.

Mr Reynolds joined the council to get movement on issues surrounding Kelmscott senior high school.

“I was chair of the Kelmscott senior high school board and had been trying to get council to buy in to some problems the school was facing with regards to traffic and to provide suitable facilities for musical theatre performances,” he said.

“My first accomplishment was to raise the $50,000 required to construct the roundabout outside the school, significantly slowing traffic near the school and improving safety for the students.”

Mr Reynolds said it took determination to be a councillor, but it would be rewarded.

“Councils in the south east metro corridor are often taken for granted by politicians from all major parties,” he said.

“It takes hard work to fight this type of inertia in government thinking, given that it exists at state departmental officer level as well as amongst politicians from outside the area.”

“The greatest change was to my own self confidence levels.

“I came to understand that many of the people I was dealing with at state and federal levels had no greater skills or insight into the world’s problems than my colleagues and myself.

“Therefore we could state our case with conviction with no need to be apologetic about our district.

“People of good will and good intent who choose to be involved in local government will always find their efforts are rewarded, although not necessarily in cash terms.

“I am a totally different person as a result of the opportunities afforded me by local government and I wouldn’t have missed it for quids.”

Nominate now

Nominations will be open from September 3 to 10 for positions in the City of Armadale council.
Chief executive Ray Tame said local governments relied on the balanced and sensible decision making provided by its elected councillors.
“Councillors are elected from wards but once elected have a responsibility to make decisions on behalf of the entire city population,” he said.
“We encourage those that are passionate about providing a better future for their local communities to think about the contributions they could make.”
“It is a tough and often thankless job, but one that can make a real difference to the area in which you live,” he said.
For more information visit or contact the City on 9394 5000.