‘It can be done everywhere’

‘It can be done everywhere’

Scitech staff Andrew Quarles de Quarles and his fire explosion.

Science lovers and curious minds will soon have access to a series of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) online content.

The non-for-profit STEM organisation Scitech, has responded to the health crisis by launching a unique set of online programs, podcasts, games and home experiments for everyone in the community.

While the doors of the science centre are temporarily closed, staff have been busy creating experiences for the community, including a ‘explore at home’ section where families can take up the challenge of home experiences.

Local resident and centre manager Craig Bloxsome, who is working from home, has started a series of online content, including a bird box that he is making with his son Mikey.

“Science can be done everywhere and at any level,” he said.

“Parents are far more skilled than they may realise and many of the activities they do at home can be seen through a scientific lens and be taught to their children.

“Younger children will need help from their parents to carry out the experiments; however, older children, should feel confident to have a go themselves independently and then show their learning back to their parents.”

With social distancing guidelines currently in place, Mr Bloxsome said producing science from home is actually easier than people think.

“Quite a lot of the materials and activities we use in everyday life go through the scientific process, we just do not think about it,” he said.

“When cooking we are always mixing ingredients (chemicals) to make creative reactions.

“Or even planting vegetables in the garden requires us to use many STEM skills to prepare the garden beds and then experiment with different watering and fertilisation mixes.

“Many of the activities we have created from the home will involve materials that families will already have on hand; we just guide them through the experiments.”

In the coming weeks fizzy dinosaur eggs, science of soap and experimenting with floating water experiments will be available.

For more information visit scitech.org.au and keep up to date through their Facebook page.