Inspirational runner

Inspirational runner

Oakford resident Silvana De Zotti running at Champion Lakes practising for the London Marathon next year. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen

For Oakford resident Silvana De Zotti her dream of running in the London Marathon has finally come true when she was invited to join the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s team for next year’s race.

Ms De Zotti was one of six people in Australia to have received the invite and she will run 42.2-kilometres on April 22 as part of Team NBCF.

She said although she was lucky enough to have not been affected by cancer she has personally known many close friends who have.

“I hope to continue running for many years,” she said.

“I hope to inspire others that anything is possible even if it means nothing to anyone else but it means something to you believe in yourself you can make it happen,” she said.

“And if I can help others along the way it’s awesome as you never know when cancer can strike anyone us nearest and dearest.”

Ms De Zotti said she started running some years ago with goals including five and 10-kilometres.

She said she eventually graduated to half and then full marathons.

“By participating in the London Marathon I hope to raise $12,500,” she said.

Ms De Zotti was organising a gala event at Burswood in September with proceeds raised going to the Cancer Foundation.

She has urged her friends, family members and the community to raise funds.

“So many are touched by breast cancer and it could be any one of us at any time,” she said.

“A mum, daughter, sister, relative or friend you just never know when and who it can effect so it is wonderful to be given the opportunity to raise money and keep funding breast cancer research and work towards beating breast cancer.”

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