Greet Santa on his run

Greet Santa on his run

The Armadale Kelmscott Lions club santa sleigh run in Roleystone last year.
The Armadale Kelmscott Lions club santa sleigh run in Roleystone last year.

The Armadale Kelmscott Lions club along with scouts, guides and police rangers will escort Santa through Armadale suburbs in December and invite all parents to bring their children out to see him as he drives around the streets.

Santa’s helpers will also be selling Lions Christmas cakes and puddings for $16 for large cakes and $12 small for cakes and puddings with proceeds to Lions club community projects.

Santa will be visiting the suburbs of Brookdale on December 7, Seville Grove on December 8, Seville Central on December 9, Harrisdale on December 10 and Roleystone on December 11.

Each run will start at 6pm and run for about two hours.

December 7 (Brookdale)

Leaving at 6pm Santa will visit Brookdale and will drive along Jobson Loop, Ashworth Way, Lush Lane, Ninth Road, Munday Avenue, Edsell Entrance, Kilkenny Road, Munday Avenue, Chiltern Avenue, Smailes Elbow, Hartle Lane, Gloster Loop, Podger Way, Gloster Loop, Chiltern Avenue and Batt Drive. It will end in Batt Drive near the intersection of Higgs Court about 7.30pm.

December 8 (Seville Central)

From 6pm Santa will visit Seville Central and will drive from the corner of Verdant Crescent and Cilantro Parkway then along Sylvan Way, Browder Drive, Clover Approach, Ullapool Place, Edinburgh Road, Glasgow Way, Glenfin Road, Westfield Road, Starlight Pass, McCubbin Loop, Chisholm Circle, Westfield Road, Hesketh Avenue, Teal Brook Road, Murphy Road, Teal Brook Road and stop for 10 minutes at the park near the roundabout before continuing along Hesketh Avenue, Poad Street, Isaba Parkway and stop for 10 minutes opposite Merida Turn before continuing on along Santiago Street and Escalona Turn. It will finish in Escalona Turn about 7.30pm.

December 9 (Seville Grove)

From 6pm Santa will drive along Handa Street, turning left into Brown Crescent, Hearle Street, Morgan Road, Ardross Street, Ralphs Street, Morolo Street, Brolga Grove, Ralphs Street Kerrison Parade, Fulmar Way, Kerrison Parade, Salamanca Boulevard.

He will stop at the park in Salamanca Boulevard for 10 minutes before continuing along Marbella Avenue, Viana Loop and Cabra Avenue where he will finish about 7.30pm.

December 10 (Harrisdale)

Santa will roll out at 6pm from Sotheby Avenue, Chiara Avenue, Kaliman Bend, Sotheby Drive, Mildura Way and Horsham Crescent where he will stop in the park for 10 minutes.

He will continue on along Benalla Way, Baldessin Avenue, Faulkner Road, Olsen Bend, Collared Street, Pardalote Road, Stilt Lane, Kulbardi Way, Corella Approach, Peaceful Vista, Wright Road and Welcome Meander, stopping for 10 minutes at Bakers House.

He will then go along Welcome Meander, Turtledove Road, Sacred Gld, Peregrine Link, Crested Turn and Splendid Gardens, stopping for 10 minutes at the park between Diamond Way and Whimbrel Way.

Then it will be on to Baillon Pass, Sacred Gld and Northerly Drive, stopping for 10 minutes at the park between Kersley Loop and MacDougal Way followed by Arion Avenue, Chariot Turn, Saddle Lane, finishing at the park in Canterbury Turn between 7.30pm and 8pm.

December 11 (Roleystone)

Santa will arrive at Cross park in Jarrah Road at 6pm and will drive along Jarrah Road, Raeburn Road, Northward Road, Tyers Road, George Road, Westbourne Road, Holden Road, Wygonda Road, Jarrah Road, Heather Road, Holden Road, Robin Road, Jarrah Road before finishing back at the tennis court car park about 7.30pm.