Grave mystery solved

Grave mystery solved

The gravesite located in the bush in Jarrahdale. Photograph – Richard Polden.

It’s not everyday one finds a well-kept gravesite, complete with angel-themed figurines in the middle of the bush in Jarrahdale.

An Armadale resident, who was helping to replenish the native landscape stumbled across the site earlier this year, and has wondered ever since what it could be.

The Examiner’s photographer headed out with the resident and took some photographs of the site, which were sent to Mundijong Police in search for answers.

Acting senior sergeant Andy Allison said the gravesite was dug up on Tuesday and a skull and bones were found.

“The remains were sent to the forensics team to determine whether they were human or animal and the results confirmed the gravesite included the remains of a dog,” he said.

Mr Allison said it was a strange find, especially considering the location, which was reasonably close to the Jarrahdale town site and the metropolitan area.

“It is a little unusual, we usually get this a fair bit on development sites and rural mine sites,” he said.

“We ask that if people do bury their animals in bushland, we would recommend they leave some notification that it is an animal, however each site could be looked into if police believe there was foul play involved.”

Photographs – Richard Polden.