Get your buns out

Get your buns out

Local Byford kids with hot cross buns in time for Easter. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

Hot cross buns are a novelty around Easter time and this year Byford residents are in the top 10 highest consumers of the traditional Easter delight in Western Australia.

Since the buns hit the shelves on Boxing Day, locals in Byford have bought more than 204,000 buns.

Byford residents have bought two and a half times the amount of buns than Kelmscott residents who have consumed 80,218 and almost double Armadale who have bought 112,846.

West Australians have consumed the second highest amount of hot cross buns per capita in the country.

A total of 13,289,305 have been sold across WA, equalling to about five hot cross buns per person.

The fan favourite in the state is traditional hot cross buns with purchasers buying three times more traditional buns than chocolate buns.

One supermarket chain is expected to sell an additional 12,000,000 hot cross buns before Easter.

The same chain has sold 14.8 million chocolate Easter Eggs nation-wide, with 1.8 million sold in WA.