Electric car charging stations could soon be in Canning

Electric car charging stations could soon be in Canning

Councillor Jesse Jacobs, who owns an electric car, said he wanted there to be charging stations across the City of Canning. Photograph - Aaron van Rongen.

Electric car charging stations could be dotted across the City of Canning after the council supported investigating appropriate sites in the area.

At its September 19 meeting council voted unanimously in support of having the city’s chief executive Arthur Kyron investigate sites and technology partners to develop an Electric Vehicle Charging Network across the city.

Mr Kyron will also be required to determine interest from local businesses and shopping centres and whether adjacent cities would be interested in collaborating.

Councillor Jesse Jacobs owns an electric car and raised the motion.

He said it was important for the city to get ahead of the ball and embrace the technology.

“I can think of a million benefits: health; better mobility; cost,” he said.

“There’s going to be a huge revolution in energy and mobility, it’s exciting.”

The proposal was only to develop a report and nothing will be confirmed until it is presented to council at its February 2018 meeting.

Mayor Paul Ng said he was concerned about the cost to the city of providing free recharge stations, but Mr Jacobs said existing stations across Australia offered the service for a small price, which the city could adopt.

“We’re not about to give out free power,” he said.

“I charge my car at the RAC and it costs $1.”

The motion carried unanimously.