Classic tale given a new twist

Classic tale given a new twist

The Invisible Man stars Elizabeth Moss as Cecilia.

The latest adaption of the novel The Invisible Man written by H.G Wells is back in cinemas this week and it will give science fiction horror fans a taste of what Australian writer and director Leigh Whannell can do.

American actress Elizabeth Moss plays Cecilia – a woman who is caught in the fight for her life with abusive ex-boyfriend Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen).

The Inivisble Man takes a different path from the previous 1933 adaption where a chemist discovers the secret of invisibility and eventually becomes a murderer on the loose.

The latest adaption places Cecilia, the victim, as the lead character who takes us on a journey behind her abuser, a wealthy optics scientist.

After Cecilia manages to escape from the hands of her abuser, a number of mysterious incidents make her believe she is being hunted by Adrian, yet nobody can physically see

However, the plot does take on some unnecessary space and it drags out the story perhaps a little too much, making it very predicable at times.

Despite the length of the film, the cinematography is what truly captivates the audience with some good camera work and shots throughout the film that make this film a good watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Distributor: Universal Pictures

Rated: R

In cinemas: February 28