City’s future – have your say

City’s future – have your say

Recently released artist's impressions show what the City Centre may look like in the future.

Plans for the transformation of Armadale City Centre are now full-steam ahead, with residents being urged to have their say on the future of the city.

The City is urging people to take part, as the public consultation will be a major factor in the next 25 years of Armadale’s development.

The centre has been designed to become the key destination for employment, retail, commercial, entertainment, education, culture, arts, tourism, justice and health for the south east corridor, which has become one of the fastest-growing areas in the country.

Armadale chief executive officer Ray Tame said the plan is a 25 to 30-year vision, and aspires to guide the growth of the city centre. The development is expected to attract private sector investment worth $2.2 billion over the coming years.

“The City Centre will need to grow to accommodate a forecast regional population of 455,770 by 2050, an increase of almost 260,000 from 2011 figures,” Mr Tame said.

“This will increase the demand for a variety of services and facilities in Armadale for both business and recreation purposes.”

The highlights of the plan include the sinking of Armadale train station underground, the development of pedestrian crossings and a piazza, which will connect the station to Jull Street Mall, and a large space dedicated to retail, accommodation and office development.

The plan also includes plans for medium and high-density housing, as well as short-stay accommodation.

Mr Tame said the plan has the potential to provide up to 18,000 new jobs in the Armadale area.

“The City has been preparing the structure plan since early 2017, and engaged architectural group Hassell to work with the City to develop the Draft Structure Plan and Design Guidelines,” he said.

Project stands will be on display at Armadale Shopping Centre on Saturday, May 12, from 9am to 4pm and Armadale Central Shopping Centre on Wednesday, 16 May, between 11am and 3pm. Public submissions will be accepted between May 8 and June 5. The Draft Structure Plan and Design Guidelines are available to view on the City’s website,