Boom gates’ closing marks the end of ‘risky road’

Boom gates’ closing marks the end of ‘risky road’

Denny Avenue road works last month. Photograph – Richard Polden.

The boom gates at Denny Avenue have closed for the last time, in a key development for the Level Crossing Removal project.

Denny Avenue’s level crossing has proven to be a fatality hot spot over the last decade with members of the community, in 2017, labelling the 170-metre stretch of road the riskiest road in WA.

The Risky Roads survey placed Denny Ave as number one on the list of roads and number two on the risky intersection list with the intersection of Streich Avenue.

A confusing layout and inadequate light system were the main reasons.

Since the survey, the METRONET project has developed and the level crossing was officially closed with the boom gates going down for the last time at 8.20pm on Thursday night.

The boom gates were removed at 10pm in a significant development for the project which will see the Davis Road rail-over-road pass finished in the coming weeks.

Disruptions to the train line will occur until April 13 as the rail tracks are lifted in accordance with the METRONET plan.

Both Commonwealth Government and the State Government funded the project, with around $262.4 million provided by the Commonwealth alone.

WA Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said she understands firsthand how frustrating the Denny Avenue crossing was.

“If we didn’t work to remove this level crossing, by 2031 the total down time of the boom gates would be more than three and a half hours each day,” she said.

“Our government is getting on with the job of delivering METRONET, with up to another six level crossings to be removed along the Armadale Line, creating jobs, improving safety, and reducing congestion.”

Local member for Armadale Tony Buti said the closure marks another significant step towards the completion of the project.

“It’s something that’s been talked about locally for years and I’m so excited local commuters will soon have a quicker, safer option for their travels,” he said.

“It will also be a major boost to the Kelmscott town centre, providing revitalisation and ease-of-access to more local businesses.”