Bill turns 100-years-old and 92 in Gosnells

Bill turns 100-years-old and 92 in Gosnells

Local resident Bill Stevens turned 100 this week and celebrated at Amaroo Village.

Bill Stevens, who has lived in Gosnells for 92 years, celebrated his 100th birthday on
June 30 and received cards from the Queen of England, the prime minister, the WA
premier and local community groups.

Mr Stevens arrived in Gosnells at the age of eight with his parents who bought a large parcel of land off Corfield St, a farm he assisted his parents to work.

During his time in Gosnells he met his wife Elsie who passed away, and they raised four children and also built several homes in the area.

He now has eight grandchildren, two of whom joined him at Amaroo Village, Buckley Caring Centre, to help him celebrate his milestone birthday this week.

Amaroo Village chief executive David Fenwick and
resident Bill Stevens celebrate.

Long-time friend Eric Moore who contacted The Examiner to talk about his good friend
Mr Stevens, said that despite his age he still has, what at times could be described as, a
wicked sense of humour.

“There was nothing Bill couldn’t turn his hand to,” he said.

“He has also had a colourful career plying his hand successfully to any job he tried,
sometimes working more than one job to keep his family.

“Until about three and a half years ago Bill played lawn bowls at the Gosnells Bowling Club, where he is now a Life Member.

“Bad health caused him to give up his beloved bowls where he formed part of a
team of four members who have remained firm friends to this day.

“To assist him with his bowling when his knees became troublesome, Bill successfully fashioned a cradle which would allow a bowler to remain upright while the ball is bowled (perfect for any person who is unable to bend their knees).

“In fact, as long as Bill had a vice, he could fashion any item he needed.”

Mr Stevens has been an active member at the over 55’s Addie Mills Centre in Gosnells for well over a decade now.

Bill’s friend Eric Moore said he is a much-loved figure and that he has been missed since
the health restrictions where imposed.