Beautiful horses on display at show

Beautiful horses on display at show

Terry Pirlo showing his purebred Clydesdale Ruaidri River Zackery, who he broke in by himself. Photographs – Kelly Thomas Productions

Local horse lovers are in for a real treat next month when the Australian Heavy Horse Association hosts its 2024 State Show.

The event will see a large variety of gentle giants judged on their looks, and their skills, with In-hand Breed Characteristic, Ridden and Harness classes.

While it’s possible to exhibit a pure-bred Shire or Clydesdale at other agricultural shows, the AHHA’s show provides a unique experience for part-pred beauties to get a chance to shine.

The public will get a chance to see these gentle giants in action in March. Photograph – Kelly Thomas Productions

That’s what the AHHA is all about – it fills in the gaps by creating an overarching registry where all heavy breeds can be recognised.

And WA boasts the highest number of registered heavy horses with the association.

“People are coming to our shows because of what we offer,” AHHA Secretary Terry Pirlo said.

“We’re all about encouraging people – it’s not for sheep stations. It’s just a nice, relaxed environment which is open to the public.

“And unlike other shows, there’s a lot of interaction with the horses; people can get up close and personal, have a pat or even get a photo.”

And the horses are often keen on the attention too: “They’re gentle and placid, and so willing to please. They just take everything in their stride”.

There’ll be Gypsy Cobs, Friesians, Shires, Clydesdales, Drums, and everything in between. Photograph – Kelly Thomas Productions.

Terry explained that heavy horses have an uncanny knack of stirring up memories in people.

“You’ll often get people coming up and sharing stories from their childhoods,” he said.

“And we love that – it’s the heavy horses that helped build Australia.

“We’d love to see as many people there from the community as possible.”

The Australian Heavy Horse Association State Summer Show will be held at the Wallangarra Pony Club on Moore St, in Wungong, on March 10.

Events will run between 8am and 3pm, entry is free, and there’ll be food and drinks available for purchase.