Armadale station gone

Armadale station gone

Before and After: On Monday the building was there, and by Friday it was gone. Photographs – Victor Coules.

Now you see it, now you don’t.

The Armadale Station was demolished last week.

Platforms were dismantled on Monday. But it was on Wednesday when the wreckers let rip on the station building itself.

Machinery crunched through the brickwork while rubberneckers looked on.

By Friday it was all gone.

The drastic change has led to commentary online lamenting the loss of a station which was less than 20 years old.

“I cannot understand why a station that’s had two major rebuilds in the past three decades is getting demolished and rebuilt yet again. What a waste!” John McGeehan said.

“I hope at least they can find a use for some of those materials.”

Metronet has previously said that the steel framing would be melted down and reused while the bricks would be milled down to manufacture recycled brick.

Piling works for the new elevated rail line started earlier this year, and are expected to wrap up in March.

Meanwhile, construction on the new modular-build Armadale and Byford stations are anticipated to start mid next year.