Six-month trial for 15-minute parking signs

Six-month trial for 15-minute parking signs

Former councillor Bill Wiffen, Margaret White, Member for Southern River Terry Healy, Daniel White and his father Mark White. Photograph - Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne.

The council hopes a six-month trial of 15-minute parking restriction signage along Canna Drive in Canning Vale will assist with several issues raised previously in a petition by shop owners and members of the community.

At this week’s council meeting City of Gosnells councillors voted against the staff recommendation to reject the installation of 15-minute parking signage along the southern side of Canna Drive, between Scupin Lane and Carteeg Road, and instead put forward an alternative motion to undergo a six-month trial.

Councillor Peter Abetz put forward the alternative motion, which after much discussion was supported and carried by all councillors.

At the meeting Mr Abetz told council he had taken the time to knock on the doors of the businesses in the area and said they were all supportive of limiting the street parking to 15 minutes.

“I think 95 per cent of people, if they see a 15-minute parking limit sign, they will honour it,” he said.

“Hopefully, people will do the right thing and honour the parking signs and everyone will be happy.”

Councillor Dave Griffiths spoke in support of Mr Abetz’s motion, saying the foreshadowed recommendation would “probably” solve the problem.

“I believe there is an opportunity here to change the behaviour of drivers who are parking in these areas for too long,” he said.

“It should have an improving affect on that particularly congested area… and provide relief going forward.”

Member for Southern River Terry Healy said he was pleased the council came to the decision to support a six-month trial of the signage and hoped that it would eventually be a permanent arrangement.

“I was very proud to work with the White family and the Batter Fish and Chip Shop, as well as business owners to progress this matter last year,” he said.

“Fifteen minute bays would mean better access for customers and more business for local shops, and should have been a commonsense decision.”

Although councillor Julie Brown and deputy mayor Terresa Lynes were in support of the alternative motion, they stressed that the businesses should not get any false hope that the city’s rangers would be able to be there at the “drop of a hat” should drivers overstay the time limit.

At the commencement of the six month trial a report will be prepared for council.