Premier praises student’s kind act

Premier praises student’s kind act

Year two student Vaughn Keys with Member for Southern River Terry Healy and Huntingdale Primary School principal Edd Black after he was given his honour certificate. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

Last month Huntingdale Primary School celebrated its 40th anniversary but unbeknown to many there was a behind the scenes event which was heart warming and special.

Year two student Vaughn Keys was presented with an award which was then personalised by Premier Mark McGowan for an act of kindness towards a younger student.

When Vaughn saw a year one student crying profusely because he had forgotten where to sit for lunch he put his arm around his shoulders and helped him work out his problem.

Huntingdale literacy support teacher Linda Carr said she approached the pair and asked what was the matter.

“Vaughn explained the problem and invited the year one child to sit with him for lunch,” she said.

“After nodding his approval through subsiding tears the child sat with Vaughn who then invited him to play with his group.”

Ms Carr said she was so touched to see the school values and motto ‘I care’ put into practise by a young student she spoke to principal Edd Black.

“A decision was made to award him with a special acknowledgement of his act of kindness and caring,” she said.

Mr McGowan wrote a personal message on the back of the honour certificate.

He wrote ‘Dear Vaughn, you are a very good, kind boy who thinks about others, don’t ever change.’