Become an inaugural student at Carey Baptist

Become an inaugural student at Carey Baptist

Carey Baptist College principal Nigel Wise said he was excited to announce development for the school's new secondary campus would begin soon. Photograph - Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne.

Carey Baptist College in Forrestdale announced it would soon launch its new secondary school.

The primary campus launched in 2016 and already had children from 110 families enrolled.

The secondary campus for students Years Seven to 12 will open in 2019 and will offer ATAR and vocational subjects.

The new campus will be integrated alongside the existing Carey Forrestdale primary campus and principal Nigel Wise said the secondary school will be supported by the Harrisdale campus.

“Carey Forrestdale has the warmth of a close knit school community,” he said.

“We are thrilled to expand into secondary in 2019 and are already in consultation with Carey Curriculum experts around ATAR subjects and structure.”

The inaugural year seven class will continue to head the school each year as they progress through each grade and the school said this would provide the children with unique leadership experience.

Upon completion the campus which is surrounded by protected wetlands will include an early learning centre, out-of-hours school care, a church, multiple sports ovals and specialist learning areas.

The school is the second of two Carey Colleges in Perth.

The original college in Harrisdale opened in 1998 and now has over 1400 students.

Carey College was named after 18th century Baptist missionary William Carey, who worked extensively in India during that time educating the native population and spreading Christian teachings.

At the time of his death he had spent 41 years in India and his mission had converted fewer than 1000 people, but his legacy for work there including translating the bible into native languages long outlived his death.

For more information about the school email [email protected]

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