Toy Story 4 delivers new heroes

Toy Story 4 delivers new heroes

Toy Story 4’s new character Forky brings laughs to audiences of all ages.

Forget Buzz Lightyear, forget Andy.

You can pretty much forget most of the characters when it comes to Toy Story 4, Pixar’s latest instalment of the globally famous toys who take on worldly adventures.

This one is all about newcomer Forky (Tony Hale) and Woody’s long lost love Bo Beep (Annie Potts).

Some might think a fourth movie was unnecessary, but to be honest Toy Story 4 is a nonessential essential and when you go see it in cinemas, you’ll see why.

Firstly to the storyline though.

Now that Andy has gone to college, Woody’s loyalty is to little Bonnie (Madeleine McGraw) but as she gears up for kindergarten, she is hesitant and scared. Woody (Tom Hanks) just has to help, and steals away into her school bag to keep an eye on her. When Bonnie feels lonely at an arts and crafts table, Woody ends up in the trash retrieving supplies for her and remains hidden as he throws them on the table for her. Triumphantly, Bonnie ends up making Forky, who she embraces as any child would with a favourite blanket or toy.

As the family then goes on a caravan trip, Bonnie takes all her toys with her but Forky and Woody find themselves away from the family when Forky, adamant he is trash and not a toy, jumps out the window to escape. When Woody chases after him and convinces him he is an important part of Bonnie’s life, their return to the caravan leads to Woody’s unexpected reunion with Bo Beep and an adventure to get back to Bonnie.

I’ll be the first to congratulate Pixar on making Bo Beep the newest hero on the big screen. On par with Wonder Woman, Black Widow and Captain Marvel, Bo Beep is not shy when it comes to showing Woody what she’s made of as a ‘lost toy’ and it’s refreshing to see that Woody has no qualms with being helped by a female character.

Sure there are times he argues with her when he thinks her plans are over-the-top (when does Woody not argue with all the other toys?!) but that doesn’t stop their genuine relationship from blossoming in their bid to get Forky home to Bonnie after he is taken prisoner by antique toys in a second-hand shop.

With the gang separated from Woody for most of the film, it is a real focus on the newest characters. When it comes to Forky, he provides a barrel of laughs for both adults and children, as do Bunny (Jordan Peele), Ducky (Keegan-Michael Key) and Duke Caboom (Keanue Reeves).

Forky is brilliant, Bo Beep is even more brilliant. Toy Story 4 is one for the heroes.

The film is clever and manic; its digital animation still enthrals audiences, and the franchise appears to still go strong for generations to come.

For a simple reminder of how important it is to feel like you belong somewhere in the world, and see the hero within you, you can’t miss Toy Story 4.

Review: 5 out of 5
Rating: G
In cinemas: June 20