Tough fight for the big cup

Tough fight for the big cup

Maddington FC victorious after beating Rockingham 1-0.

The highly anticipated KCA-Maddington Cup was played on October 9 in Seville Grove and saw fans cheering for the two sides that fought hard for a win.

This year the annual event was organised by the Kerala Cultural Organisation and Maddington FC and the one-day tournament saw five teams participate – Maddington FC, Maddington Blasters, Rockingham FC, Malabar Blasters and Morley FC with Rockingham and Maddington making it through to the finals.

The sound of the whistle blowing signalling kick off saw an exciting first half with solid performances from both sides.

Maddington dug deep and attacked but were unable to penetrate Rockingham’s tight defences and by the time half time arrived the score was nil nil.

The second half saw Maddington FC determined to score a goal and even though they dominated the match with higher possession of the ball than Rockingham they were unable to score.

As neither team had scored and a winner was needed the game went into five minutes extra time and saw striker Ranjith Raghunath score the only goal of the game, with an assist from Maddington captain Jobel Williams.

Rockingham tried to equalise but were unable to break through Maddington’s defences.

Maddington FC won the Maddington cup 1-0.