“The Southern River Something-or-Rather?”

“The Southern River Something-or-Rather?”

Cal Kramer from the Southern River Band. Photograph- Richard Polden

Local rock group, Southern River Band could be on the cards to play the live show at the AFL Grand finals this September, after their campaign for the sought-after spot reached the Premier this week.

The band from Thornlie won over the hearts of WA rock n’ roll lovers at the ACDC Highway to Hell event last year, and are now calling for the chance to represent WA music at the Grand final.

Lead singer Cal Kramer said as soon as he heard that Perth would host the Grand final, he took to social media to share a video to raise support for the band, starting the hashtag, #SRBAFLGF.

It instantly took off, reaching thousands of views as fans shared, like and commented.

Mr Kramer said he was elated with the support.

“Tonnes of people just came out in support, using the hashtag, posting it on anything to do with the grand final,  and within three days, any time you saw the word grand final mentioned, you couldn’t not see anything about Southern River Band as well,” he said.

“I didn’t know we had that many fans.”

News of the campaign reached Premier Mark Mcgowan this week, who mentioned the band when he was asked about the grand final show at a press conference.

“I’ve had a lot of lobbying on this by the way. The Southern River Something-a-rather?” the Premier said.

“We have lots of entertainers so the lobbying will continue, but I’m just confident we have some great bands and great entertainers, and we’ll do a much better job than Meat Loaf.”

Mr Kramer said the Premier’s comments were a highlight for the band.

“We all p*ssed ourselves laughing. We were looking at it going, if we can make it to him, and even he knows about it, it’s just that sheer weight in numbers.”

The band has also gained the attention of local politicians, Member for Southern River, Terry Healy and Federal member for Burt, Matt Keogh.

“I saw Cal Kramer and the Southern River Band play at Gosnells Oval and I think they are a fantastic local act,” Mr Healy said.

Matt Keogh said the band had proved themselves with their Highway to Hell gig last year.

“Its so exciting the nation will be turning their attention to the best city in the best country in the world for the Grand Final. It’s only fair therefore that the best local talent be showcased as well,” Mr Keogh said.

Mr Kramer said given the opportunity, the Southern River Band won’t let WA down.

“We are the absolute best band for this job. If you’ve ever been to one of our shows, you will know exactly why,” he said.