Terrifying doll is back

Terrifying doll is back

Annabelle: Creation is a good old fashioned scare fest.

The latest film in the Conjuring series Annabelle: Creation has all the elements of a successful horror movie.

This is the second film in the Annabelle series and is a prequel to the 2014 release, which unfortunately was not received well by critics.

However this time the filmmakers of this latest instalment brought their A-game giving audiences what they want, a real scare fest.

It is certainly not short of genuinely frightening moments if the audience’s reaction was anything to go by.

There were a lot of screams, followed by giggles during the preview, which is usually a good sign viewers approve of the producers’ efforts to scare them out of their wits while having a good time.

The film proves that our collective fear of dolls is well and truly alive especially creepy looking dolls that move by themselves.

The special effects are superb and only add to the terror.

Coupled with the scares is a lot of religious allegory as the girls in the movie are orphans who are rehomed by the church to a couple who lost their daughter in horrific circumstances some years ago.

The couple harbour a dark secret, which is played out in horrifying fashion as the girls explore their new home, wishing they hadn’t.

The film’s pace never lets up with one scare after another, a kinetic energy which was lacking in the first movie.

There is also a distinctly Australian flavour to the movie with Anthony LaPaglia and Miranda Otto in leading roles backed by an excellent cast of young actors including Australian actor Philippa Coulthard.

Annabelle: Creation was produced by renowned Australian horror movie maestro James Wan (Saw, Insidious, Lights Out).

You can tell Wan’s fingerprints are all over the movie as his devilish horror has its own unique blend of quality scares often lacking in other movies of the genre.

If you’re after an old fashioned, intelligent, well-made horror to scare your pants off look no further than Annabelle: Creation.

Rated: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Rating: MA

Distributor: Warner Bros

In cinemas: Now